COMEDY: Awkward, ruthless teen wants to win school election

ROM COM: Awkward, naive woman being asked on a date

DRAMA: Worried, anxious woman who may know more than she says

select Shorts:

“Church” - Pretending to be a Catholic, Alan, a Jewish germaphobe, attends mass to appease his girlfriend's parents.

“Last Ramblings” - a Tomi Lahren parody

Comedy clips (aka being an idiot with a smart phone):

An Unemployed Star

“Matinee Lady”. (n.) An older woman who stands in line at the Discount Broadway ticket booth *almost* every Wednesday morning.

How a conversation at a place called “Rock Star Headquarters: The Cool Place” would go.

Bad day to be an egg

Music performance:

Mash-up: Adele’s “Million Years Ago” & Roy Clark’s “Yesterday, When I Was Young”.

UnUrban Coffee House, Santa Monica, CA.

National Anthem Performance for the Brooklyn Nets.

Barclays Center, NY.

Excerpt from original song, Best Of Me, live at the UnUrban Coffee House in Santa Monica, CA.


Vintage wardrobe, shoot, and video by: Vintage Touch by Mark C.

A tale through photos about a young woman and her belief in herself. Story, shoot, and video by: Graham Glover.